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What is the Life after B.Tech : Job or Studies? | Look Best Career Choices

If you ask a question on yourself that, what can I do after B.Tech? Seriously, 90% of engineering students don’t have answer for this question. In India, you are not judged by what you have studied in your past but what you do/doing after you complete your studies. Because the society is more concentrated on your Job and Salary than your Intellectual property. More than that your Neighbours and Relatives are concentrated on your career than their children. But you don’t know what to do exactly. Because, Many students joining B.E/ in Engineering Colleges/Universities which are preferring to just complete academic subjects only and not counseling their students about their career, that is the reason why the lot of people who has completed their engineering and looking for proper career counseling, career choices.

Whether the students may be from any branch that like either from Electronics engineering or Electrical engineering or civil engineering or computer engineering or Information Technology or Mechanical engineering or Petroleum engineering and many more but most of them need proper career coach. So, we are presenting the best career opportunities to you to move on to next level. If you are a current pursuing student of B.Tech or have passed out recently, then this article is a MUST READ for you.

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Before starting the career opportunities one thing that you should keep in you mind:

“Everybody is not born to graduate, do an MBA/M.Tech and get a high paying job. If people like Bill Gates(Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook), Evan Williams(Twitter), Steve Jobs(Apple), Kunal Shah(Freecharge) and many more thought this way the world would have missed a lot of revolutionary changes. Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Best Career Options Available after B.Tech:

  1. Campus Placement
  2. Specialize in your field of study(M.Tech)
  3. Directly go in for an MBA
  4. Go Abroad
  5. Short Term Courses
  6. Preparing for Bank/Railway Exams
  7. Prepare for Civil Services
  8. Join the army
  9. Entrepreneurship/Own business
  10. Follow your Passion

1. Campus Placement

Campus placementsBored of studying? then you have the option of getting into a company soon before/after your graduation and for this you need to concentrate on your studies and gain knowledge on Aptitude questions and HR Questions from your 3rd year onward. And attend interviews from your 4th year with your campus drives as there are many companies that will be coming for campus recruitment to your college or off-campus drives on other colleges. Many students and parents are considered this one to be a safest option.

2.Specialize in your field of study(M.Tech) careers

If you studied engineering with your passion and want to study more with specialize in the field of study then M.Tech(2 years course) is the best option for you. For this also, you will need to start preparing in advance for the entrance exams like GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) or PGECET or any Other State Level Entrance Exam.

3.Directly go in for an MBA

MBA Careers jntuIf you don’t want to be a technical guy and want to be a business person, then MBA(2 years course) is best option to you. In India, there are various entrance examinations for MBA that will help you get into the top business schools. CAT (Common Admission Test) serves as a gateway for studies at the IIMs and many other top business schools. And other popular exams are NMAT, XAT, CMAT, TISS, SNAP etc.

4.Go Abroad


 It is also a good choice and you will get lot of exposure to world in case you choose to study abroad. And if you will be to pick up a job while you are studying there and you have a better chance to settle permanent Visa. It’s also a 2 years course, you have to crack some entrance exams like GRE, PRE and IELTS, for this You can take coaching from best GRE institutes for all GRE courses. Also, Many people thought studying abroad is very costly but you have an option like applying for various scholarships and Bank loans which will fund your education partially or completely.

5.Short Term Courses

short-term-coursesThis is the field that most of the engineers do. The short term courses are like c, c++, Java, .Net, Sap, VLSI, embedded systems, robotics, digital marketing, machine designing, ethical hacking, etc. courses in any specific domain. Mainly these courses are job oriented and serve as a path between what you know and what the industry expect. For this courses there are lot of institutes in India and your respective cities. Average course duration is 3-5 Months. Find Jobs Here.

6.Preparing for Bank/Railway ExamsRailway and Bank Jobs jntu

As you know there are lot of posts for bank and railway exams, but the competition is very high. The recruitment notifications for this exams are updates throughout year. For this exams you have to take coaching on Aptitude, English, General awareness etc. The pay scale for this jobs will be better, but selection is quite tough.

7.Prepare for Civil Services

CIVIL services careersWant to see yourself as an IAS or IPS officer? then what are waiting for go and study for Civil services exam because you don’t waste even a single minute. Civil Services exam is considered as one of the toughest exam in India. You can give your total attention to the preparation of the UPSC examinations, which will conduct on every year by UPSC.  There are lot of civils books available in the market with the names of books for upsc, best books for civil services, civil service bookstore and many more.. get those books and prepare well.

8.Join the armyChoose career as army

Want to give a chance to the patriot in you by Joining in the Army/Air Force/Navy or any other defensive services. For this You can apply through the University Entry Scheme (UES) or apply for the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test). These jobs are so much respectable and high paying at the same time.

9.Entrepreneurship/Own Business

EntrepreneurshipDo you have a habit like want to be your own boss?. This will be the best option if you have investment, you can also go for a good business of your own or in partnership. But before you think about it very seriously and you need to be sure about your business. To be an successful Entrepreneur, you should always think broad and mainly don’t believe anyone. Don’t wait for tomorrow, do it now. Remember one thing “The true Entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”.

10.Follow your Passion

Choose career as your passionI think this will be the best option if you have passion one thing. In India, most of people don’t choose their passion as their profession. If you choose this option then you are one of the rarest person who developed his career with his passion. This portion includes like Photography, Performing arts, Painting, Content writing, Radio Jockey, Dancer, Sports man, .. Let it be any other passion as well. You can enjoy more than all above nine because passion comes from heart.

These are the 10 best career choices and options to do after B.Tech. And did you find something that excites you? Then search about it and add to it. Remember, if you always worrying about what people will think about you or what people think about you if you do something, then there is a problem! You are the only person in this earth with your attitude and talent. Respect Yourself! All the best for your future..!
Share your opinions with us about this article by commenting and also share any exciting career options available if we have missed any.
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